Release Note

May 24, 2018


  • Fixed an issue when a user with TOTP has a successful login after fewer than 10 failed attempts, the previous failed attempts are not cleared.
  • Customers were unable to create EU only tickets. This change fixes the filter to pull EU data centers.
  • Adds a checkbox to the WWW order form on the save quote dialog that allows the user to accept the GDPR terms and conditions. This check box must be checked to place a quote. Also adds a link the quote email that allows the user to withdraw their acceptance of the GDPR terms.


  • Fix issue where some PaaS service plan features were not represented with billing items.
  • Fixed an issue preventing parent users from editing VPN only sub users device access.
  • Improved error message when an invalid parameter type is provided to the bulk add/remove portal permissions methods.
  • SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest_Block_Device_Template_Group::findGcImagesByCurrentUser(string[] dataCenters) to return collection of template group for a specific account Id and optionally specify and filter list of data center short names (e.g. ‘che01’, ‘mex01’).
  • Added default boot mode from sw description to getBootMode.
  • New event log type: PERMISSION_CHANGE.


  • Prevents reclaims from throwing an exception when a nessus scan file cannot be found.
  • Better handling for failed upgrades & notifications.
  • Added boot mode attributes to template when creating a new template from guest.
  • Eliminating 24 hour wait period during subnet cancellation
  • Improved performance of Network Ping Monitoring Notifications
  • Fixed an issue where mid-month cancellation causes empty invoices
  • Resolves a bug which prevented Block and File volumes to be authorized to the same host under certain circumstances, and allows IQN to be edited if only File volumes or no volumes are authorized to the host
  • Allow specification of supported boot mode on image import.
  • Enabling Security Groups in FRA05 Datacenter.