Release Note

May 16, 2018


  • Add Virtuozzo transaction provisioning and reload groups and icon.
  • This changes a link in the footer of the Www Store pages
  • This issue removes Google Tag Manager and Adobe Target from the SoftLayer Www template


  • Fixes a bug that causes the euCompliantFlag on SoftLayer_Location to always return false.
  • Direct Link - Fix the error message to indicate problem clearly when edit fails
  • Direct Link - Increase Vendor Circuit and Vendor Name length from 30 to 40.
  • Fixed addBulkVirtualGuestAccess and removeAllVirtualAccessForThisUser.


  • Fixes an issue where hourly storage upgrades were erroneously charging an additional one time fee.
  • Fix canadian province name encoding issues
  • Modified workflow definition to do ASSIGN_HOST_RECOVERY automated when a guest can’t be allocated on a host.
  • Fixed VSIs failing from “Unable to determine the uplink router for network component:” error
  • Email subscription system is not send emails to customers when not opted out
  • Fix issue where upgrade processing was delayed due to issues handling the upgrade invoice.
  • Jumbo frames enabled for GPU Host