Release Note

April 6, 2018


  • adds the sshKeys selector back into the confirmation page when ordering a hardware security module.
  • Remove links.


  • Make createObject orders for hourly SAN virtual servers use correct package when presets are account restricted.
  • Fixed getPortalLoginToken function registering a failed login before it registers a successful login
  • Fix bug preventing scheduler from being used when request comes from SLDN
  • Terminating Status is added when guest vsi are being reclaimed.
  • Updated event log to show when login failure caused by 2FA failure
  • Fixes an issue where the userData is not being returned correctly according to the API and is not be set or retrieved correctly in certain cases.


  • Improves the automation for the Hardware Security Module service offering.
  • Fixed an issue where customers trying to order cleversafe object storage are getting errors that they are reaching the limit.

Documentation Changes