Release Note

March 29, 2017


  • Corrected an issue with customers being unable to claim an order quote for Performance or Endurance storage.
  • Fixed an issue where subusers on an account were not able to order Netscaler VPX services even with the appropriate portal permissions.
  • Exception message was unclear when a user without the ‘ticket add’ and ‘ticket view’ permissions tried to create an upgrade order. New change accurately indicates that the user must have these two permissions in order to create an upgrade order.
  • Resolved an issue where customers were unable to set the customer portal timezone to Brazil.


  • When creating a ticket the SoftLayer_Ticket template object requires the assignedUserId property to be defined. This required the additional step of gathering the userId. Going forward the assignedUserId will default to the current user making the API call.


  • Made changes to the way Post Provisioning Scripts work. The system now drops a small payload onto the customer device to download and execute the requested script, logging all responses to the customer’s syslog.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing two primary IPv6 subnets to be created when ordering Network Gateway services.
  • Pushed code to allow customers based in Serbia, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, or South Africa to input Vat ID.