Release Note

December 11, 2017


  • Adds warning messages to that will pop to alert EU only processing users that they are selecting a data center or package that it not EU compliant.
  • This change will add a checkbox on the WWW order from checkout page that allows customers to opt-in to EU localized support. For a customer that opts-in, any servers they have in an EU datacenter will only be serviced by technicians also in the EU.
  • Removes the VSI section from the Server Listings page (of the Control Portal).


  • Update the “refreshAuthentication” method to accept the POST request with the basic authentication.
  • Added EU compliant field to datacenters, ORM flag and enable/disable methods for EU Support on the account. Currently in the EU AMS01, AMS03, FRA02, LON02, MIL01, OSL01, PAR01
  • An exception will be thrown if a customer tries to place a BYOL order for Windows on that is not for a dedicated host instance.
  • Fixed a bug with removeHardwareAccess not properly removing a user if their premission had been grandted with grantHardwareAccess(id=0)


  • Adding EU compliance support to Ticket system
  • Removed all code referencing NETWORK_MESSAGE_QUEUE. The Message Queue product is now EOL.
  • Made changes so that the order indexes and names/slots of the hard-drives being swapped in get the same order indexes and names of the swapped-out hard drives.
  • Prevent accounts with BAP tier 1 support from enrolling in EU support.
  • Remove the use of PPTP VPN from EU flagged accounts
  • Prevent setting EU security level for accounts with PPTP usage
  • Enable Security Groups in the AMS01, SEO01, SJC01 and SJC03 data centers.