Release Note

December 4, 2017


  • Fix issue where LVM was set on storage groups erroneously when editing a configuration on the order form.
  • Add a new order approval e-mail notification template for SAP Certified servers.


  • Added account validation support for combining unicode characters, such as diacritical arabic characters.
  • Added new check to prevent multiple partitions being set with grow flag.
  • Allow the customers who does not have USER_MANAGE permission to see their own login attempts.
  • Only master user, parent user or user itself can add API key.
  • Increase the permission action description column size to 256
  • Adds support for upgrading existing File and Block storage volumes. Volumes’ size can now be increased, and volumes’ IOPS can now be increased and decreased. Certain limits do apply, see Sales and Support for details. SLCLI version 3.0.1 supports this action.
  • Do not require customers to explicitly state the billing type (hourly/monthly) when upgrading a volume, as that can be inferred from the volume billing records


  • Fixed generic internal error message during an OS reload where the image template is missing to throw correct message.
  • Removed “account.companyName” mask from the hardware search, specifically only for the scenario where the user is attempting to export a CSV / excel.
  • Scrub Security answers for users based on security level of employee and account.
  • Fixed the issue that getLoadBalancerStatistics API not collecting stats from Retired appliances
  • Cancel image store action jobs when a provision is cancelled