Generate a lost password request


This method is deprecated. Please see documentation for initiatePortalPasswordChange SoftLayer provides a way for users of it’s customer portal to recover lost passwords. The lostPassword() method is the first step in this process. Given a valid username and email address, the SoftLayer API will email the address provided with a URL to visit to begin the password recovery process. The last part of this URL is a hash key that’s used as an identifier throughout this process. Use this hash key in the [[SoftLayer_User_Customer::setPasswordFromLostPasswordRequest|setPasswordFromLostPasswordRequest]] method to reset a user’s password. Password recovery hash keys are valid for 24 hours after they’re generated.


Name Type Description
username string The username of the user whose password you wish to recover.
email string The email address of the user whose password you wish to recover. Provide the email address SoftLayer has on record for this user.

Required Headers

Optional Headers

Return Values