October 5, 2016

Advanced Quote Ordering
Place an order using a quote with SSH keys and post provisioning scripts. Along with a few examples of how to get the needed data.

import SoftLayer
from pprint import pprint as pp

class example():

    def __init__(self):

        self.client = SoftLayer.Client()
        self.mgr = SoftLayer.OrderingManager(self.client)

    def orderQuote(self, quote_id):
        # If you have more than 1 server in the quote, you will need to append
        guests = {
            'hostname': 'quotetest', 
            'domain': 'example.com'

        quote = self.client['Billing_Order_Quote']
        quote_container = quote.getRecalculatedOrderContainer(id=quote_id)
        container = quote_container['orderContainers'][0]

        container['quantity'] = 1
        container['virtualGuests'] = []

        # SoftLayer.exceptions.SoftLayerAPIError: SoftLayerAPIError(SoftLayer_Exception_Order_MismatchedQuantity): The number of servers (2) does not match the order quantity (1).
        # the hardware variable was getting filled out for some reason, even though there were no hardware on this quote.
        container['hardware'] = None

        container['presetId'] = None
        container['provisionScripts'] = ['https://gist.githubusercontent.com/myscript.py']
        # http://sldn.softlayer.com/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order
        # The order of containers passed in needs to match the order they are assigned to either hardware or virtualGuests
        container['sshKeys'] = [{'sshKeyIds': [1234]} ]

        # Edit this ID to change the location of the order.
        # this is AMS03
        container['location'] = 814994
        result = self.client['Product_Order'].verifyOrder(container)

    def getOrderContainer(self,quote_id):
        quote = self.client['Billing_Order_Quote']
        container = quote.getRecalculatedOrderContainer(id=quote_id)
        return container['orderContainers'][0]

    def listQuotes(self):
        quotes = self.client['SoftLayer_Account'].getActiveQuotes()

    def listLocations(self):
        locations = self.client['SoftLayer_Location'].getDatacenters()

    def listSshKeys(self):
        keys = self.client['SoftLayer_Account'].getSshKeys()

if __name__ == "__main__":
    quote_id = 1942633
    main = example()
    # main.main()
    # main.listQuotes()
    # quote = main.getOrderContainer(quote_id)
    # pp(quote)
    # main.listLocations()
    # main.listSshKeys()


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